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CPS 4.4 Adoption - Disabling Conditions of Children in Adoption Placements by Region with Demographics FY2012-2021

This chart counts the number of unique children in DFPS custody who lived in an adoptive placement at some point during the fiscal year. Children in DFPS custody are those for whom a court has appointed DFPS legal responsibility through temporary or permanent managing conservatorship or other court ordered legal basis. An adoptive placement occurs when the child's caseworker, the family's case manager, and the adoptive family sign paperwork officially placing the child in the home for adoption. Before the paperwork can be signed, a child must be free for adoption (meaning a court has terminated parental rights), have a permanency goal of adoption and the family must have been approved for adoption through a licensed child placing agency.

Children may have more than one disabling condition.

Drug/Alcohol disabling condition can either be due to self-abuse or exposure to an individual with the condition.

Other includes teen parent or pregnant teen.

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