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2017 Baseline Above Ground Biomass Survey for Makame Carbon Project: Above Ground Biomass Data

This data asset consists of measurements of tree size (circumference and height) and species taken during the Above Ground Carbon Baseline inventory survey done in Makame Wildlife Management Area as part of EENT. The inventory objective was to produce an estimate of forest biomass carbon stocks per unit area with precision of +/-15% of the mean with 95% confidence. Understanding the biomass carbon stocks in the Wildlife Management Area was an important step in setting up a Carbon Offset projects which would help fund conservation activities in the Wildlife Management Area and understanding the value of those carbon stocks.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Live/ Deadlive_deadlive_deadText
Total Height (m)total_height_mtotal_height_mNumber
Stem Height/Height to base of crown (m)stem_height_height_to_basestem_height_height_to_baseNumber
Plot IDplot_idplot_idText
circumference at breast height (cbh) (cm)circumference_at_breast_heightcircumference_at_breast_heightNumber
Plot A,B,Cplot_a_b_cplot_a_b_cText
Tree #treetreeNumber
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