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Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in Segamil and Paisano in Guatemala--Household Description Data

Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in Segamil and Paisano in Guatemala--Household Description Data

This dataset describes the households and their members surveyed as part of the Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in in Segamil and Paisano in Guatemala. It has 36 columns and 37,454 rows. In fiscal year 2012, USAID's Office of Food for Peace (FFP) awarded funding to private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to design and implement a multi-year Title II development food assistance program in Guatemala. The main purpose of the Title II program is to improve long-term food security of chronically food insecure populations in the target regions. FFP contracted a firm, ICF International, to conduct a baseline study in targeted areas of the country prior to the start of the new program. The purpose of the study was to assess the current status of key indicators, have a better understanding of prevailing conditions and perceptions of the population in the implementation areas, and serve as a point of comparison for future final evaluations. The results were also used to further refine program targeting and, where possible, to improve the understanding of the relationship between variables to inform program design. The study was conducted in 2013, while FFP expects to conduct final evaluations as close as possible to the end of the program five years later. The data asset is comprised of six datasets: Agricultural Practices, Child Health, Household Description, Maternal Health and Household Sanitation, Food Consumption and the sample weights to be applied during analysis.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
b09b09b09NumberB08 Women aged 15 49 B09
b14b14b14NumberB14 is alive natural mother
b08b08b08NumberB08 Main responsible for child care
b19ab19ab19aNumberB19A What is the highest educational level you have completed
b11b11b11NumberB11 Farmer
a02a02a02NumberLISTING NUMBER
b07b07b07NumberB07 Low 6 years
b19bb19bb19bNumberB19B What is the course B19B higher than obtained at this level
b21bb21bb21bNumberB21B Course he attended during 2012 2013
b10b10b10NumberB10 Adults available to answer questions about the services and household expenses
b13b13b13NumberB13 Marital status
male_adultmale_adultmale_adultNumberHousehold has at least one male 18 or older
childchildchildNumberHousehold has at least one child under 18
b18b18b18NumberB18 Has ever attended school
b05b05b05NumberB05 Age of household member
b15b15b15NumberB15 natural mother lives in the home or was asleep here last night
b17b17b17NumberB17 Do you live the natural father in the home
b12b12b12NumberB12 Mother of a child under 5 years
b20b20b20NumberB20 During the 2012 2013 school attended a
hhwthhwthhwtNumberSampling weight for households and household members
b06b06b06NumberB06 Responsible for preparing the household food yesterday
education_leveleducation_leveleducation_levelNumberEducation level
b16b16b16NumberB16 is alive the natural father of
female_adultfemale_adultfemale_adultNumberHousehold has at least one female 18 or older
b21ab21ab21aNumberB21A Level you attended during 2012 2013
b01b01b01NumberB01 Order Number
b05_binb05_binb05_binNumberAge Binned
member_idmember_idmember_idNumberHousehold member ID for merging with other modules
b04b04b04NumberB04 Sex of household member
b03b03b03NumberB03 Relationship to head of household

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