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Cross-sectional Survey of Urinary Aflatoxins and Diet Recall in Haiti

Aflatoxins (AFs) are hepatocarcinogenic mycotoxins that can contaminate grains and oil seeds in tropical and sub-tropical areas and have been detected in maize and peanut products of Haiti. The first objective of our study was to assess human exposure to Afs among Haitians at an urban hospital (GHESKIO) and a rural health centre (HCBH). The second objective was to test the association between AF exposure and reported dietary intake of potentially contaminated foods, such as maize, peanut products and milk. Subjects were recruited at the Groupe Haitien d’Etude du Sarcome de Kaposi et des Infections Opportunistes Health Centre in Port-au-Prince (GHESKIO, n = 147) from 9–24 July 2012, and at the Hôpital Convention Baptiste d’Haïti in Quartier Morin (HCBH, n = 191) from 9 September 2013 to 7 February 2014. At HCBH, study subjects also included minors (1–17.9 years of age, n = 28). Intake of dairy, other animal-sourced foods, peanut products and maize was assessed using a dietary recall survey. Aflatoxin exposure was assessed by measurement of urinary Aflatoxin M1 using high pressure liquid chromatography.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
detection of afm1detection_of_afm1detection_of_afm1Number
corn products past weekcorn_products_past_weekcorn_products_past_weekNumber
milk todaymilk_todaymilk_todayNumber
hplc afm1 (pg/ml)hplc_afm1_pg_mlhplc_afm1_pg_mlNumber
other asf yesterdayother_asf_yesterdayother_asf_yesterdayNumber
peanuts yesterdaypeanuts_yesterdaypeanuts_yesterdayNumber
adult or youthadult_or_youthadult_or_youthNumber
peanuts past weekpeanuts_past_weekpeanuts_past_weekNumber
other asf todayother_asf_todayother_asf_todayNumber
observation/subject #observation_subjectobservation_subjectNumber
corn freq (times/wk)corn_freq_times_wkcorn_freq_times_wkNumber
milk past weekmilk_past_weekmilk_past_weekNumber
hplc afm1 (pg/mg creatinine)hplc_afm1_pg_mg_creatininehplc_afm1_pg_mg_creatinineNumber
other asf past weekother_asf_past_weekother_asf_past_weekNumber
corn products todaycorn_products_todaycorn_products_todayNumber
corn products yesterdaycorn_products_yesterdaycorn_products_yesterdayNumber
ln afm1ln_afm1ln_afm1Number
ln afm1/creatinineln_afm1_creatinineln_afm1_creatinineNumber
creatinine (mg/dl)creatinine_mg_dlcreatinine_mg_dlNumber
peanuts freq (times/wk)peanuts_freq_times_wkpeanuts_freq_times_wkNumber
other asf freq (times/wk)other_asf_freq_times_wkother_asf_freq_times_wkNumber
peanuts todaypeanuts_todaypeanuts_todayNumber
milk yesterdaymilk_yesterdaymilk_yesterdayNumber
milk freq (times/wk)milk_freq_times_wkmilk_freq_times_wkNumber
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