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Feed the Future Nepal Baseline Household Survey, Household File

Feed the Future Nepal Baseline Household Survey, Household File

The Nepal Population-Based Survey (PBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of agriculture and food security in 20 districts across the western, mid-western and far-western development regions of the country. This data is a household level file.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
f01f01f01NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days was there ever no food to eat of any kind in your house because of lack of resources to get food
d02d02d02NumberFloor material
d01d01d01NumberRoof top material outer covering
zid_toilet_tp_obsrvzid_toilet_tp_obsrvzid_toilet_tp_obsrvNumberD05 b ENUMERATOR OBSERVE DO NOT ASK Is there a toilet
zid_feces_presentzid_feces_presentzid_feces_presentNumberIs there human feces in the house compound or rightoutside the compound
d05d05d05NumberD05 a What is the main type of toilets your household uses
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberUnique household ID
f02f02f02NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days
a09a09a09NumberType of household
d07d07d07NumberD07 Does this household have electricity
zid_water_src_seasonalzid_water_src_seasonalzid_water_src_seasonalNumberD06 bDo you use the main drinking water source allyear or only part of the year
modd_missingmodd_missingmodd_missingNumberMissing all elements from module D
d03d03d03NumberExterior Walls
zid_toilet_tp_2zid_toilet_tp_2zid_toilet_tp_2NumberWhat kind of toilet facility does the household have
zid_drink_water_src_other_specifzid_drink_water_src_otherzid_drink_water_src_otherTextPlease specify drinking water source
f06f06f06NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days
a06a06a06NumberType of household
d04d04d04NumberD04 How many rooms are there in this dwelling
a17a17a17NumberA17 Team and interviewer s code number
d08d08d08NumberD08 What is the main source of cooking fuel for your household
a21a21a21NumberA21 Final outcome of interview enter code
a02a02a02NumberA02 Cluster number
hhwghthhwghthhwghtNumberDerived variable household weight
f03f03f03NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days did you or any household member go to sleep at night hungry because there was not enough food
zia_supervisor_cdzia_supervisor_cdzia_supervisor_cdNumberA22 Name code of supervisor
f05f05f05NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days did you or any household member go a whole day and night without eating anything at all because there was not enough food
f04f04f04NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days
zia_visit2_ynzia_visit2_ynzia_visit2_ynNumberWas a second visit necessary to complete the interview
d06d06d06NumberD06 aWhat is the main source of drinking water formembers of your household
a05a05a05NumberG1 03 Sex of respondent
modf_missingmodf_missingmodf_missingNumberMissing all elements from module F
zia_visit2_dtzia_visit2_dtzia_visit2_dtTextA19 Date of second visit dd mm yyyy
zia_location_cdzia_location_cdzia_location_cdNumberA03 Ward

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