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Feed the Future Northern Kenya Interim Survey in the Zone of Influence, Durable Goods Expenditures

Feed the Future Northern Kenya Interim Survey in the Zone of Influence: This dataset (n=69,540, vars=23) contains data from sub-Module E7: Durable Goods Expenditures. Each household with data for durable goods expenditures has multiple records (for the 38 durable goods in sub-Module E7). (69,540 records divided by 38 non-food items = 1,830 Module E households with sub-Module E7 data.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
e704e704e704TextWhat is the age of these ITEM s? IF MORE THAN ONE ITEM, AVERAGE AGE
stratumstratumstratumNumberAdministrative variable for identifying the strata of sampling designs. Unstratified samples have a constant value of 1.
imp_ageimp_ageimp_ageTextImputation flag for durable remaining use age
imp_valueimp_valueimp_valueTextImputation flag for durable value
e702e702e702TextDoes your household own a ITEM ?
e706e706e706TextDid you purchase or pay for any of these ITEM s in the last 12 months?
e703e703e703TextHow many ITEM s do you own?
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberAdministrative variable for identifying households
dailyvaluedailyvaluedailyvalueNumberDerived daily durable expenditure for aggregation
remain_useageremain_useageremain_useageNumberDerived durable remaining use age
dropflagdropflagdropflagTextDrop flag - item consumed by 20 households to be dropped
countrycountrycountryTextThese data were collected in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence in Kenya.
zoizoizoiTextThis variable indicates that a record is included in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence. The ZOI includes the counties of Marsabit, Garissa, Isiolo, Wajir, and Turkana.
exp_classexp_classexp_classTextExpenditure classification
clusterclusterclusterNumberCluster number
e707e707e707TextHow much did you pay for all these ITEM s all together (total) in the last 12 months?
todaytodaytodayCalendar dateSurvey Date
urbrururbrururbrurTextLocation type (urban rural)
surveysurveysurveyTextThese data were collected in the 2015 Interim Zone of Influence Survey.
e705e705e705TextIf you wanted to sell one of these ITEM s today, how much would you receive? IF MORE THAN ONE, AVERAGE VALUE
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