Feed the Future Policy Matrices 2015 Data

  • agricultural policy
  • food policy
  • food security
  • institutional architecture
  • mutual accountability

Feed the Future Policy Matrices 2015 Data

These data contain the specific agricultural and food policy commitments for each Feed the Future country and the five regions progress up to 2015. The policy areas covered are:

 Nutrition policy

 Markets and trade

 Land

 Institutional architecture for improved policy formula

 Agricultural inputs

 Risk and resilience

 Enabling environment for private sector performance

There are 4 variables and 362 observations measuring the policy area and the progress up to 2015.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Policy Areapolicy_areapolicy_areaText
Progress to Dateprogress_to_dateprogress_to_dateText
Secondary Policy Area with "Same"secondary_policy_area_withsecondary_policy_area_withText

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