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Feed The Future Uganda Population-Based Survey, Children Data

Feed The Future Uganda Population-Based Survey, Children Data

The Uganda Population-Based Survey (PBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of agriculture and food security in 38 districts across eight regions of the country. The PBS was conducted from October 25 to December 30, 2012. The overall objective of the survey is to provide baseline data on living standards, nutritional status, and women's empowerment in agriculture in the Zone Of Influence. This file reports survey results related to children.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
i36i36i36TextZII Green leafy
i44i44i44TextZII Milk prod
i30i30i30TextZII Porridge
a21a21a21NumberInterview outcome derived by module C data
f06f06f06NumberZIF Whl day no eat freq
a05a05a05NumberZIG1 Sex g1
i12i12i12NumberZII BMI
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberPBS ID
i24i24i24TextZII Milk
i20i20i20TextZII Rehyd solution
hhwghthhwghthhwghtNumberHousehold weight
i25i25i25TextZII Milk freq
d07d07d07NumberZID Electr yn
haz2haz2haz2NumberHeight for Age 2sd
i13_ai13_ai13_aTextZII Under 6 months
f03f03f03NumberZIF Sleep hungry yn
d02d02d02NumberZID Floor tp
a09a09a09NumberHousehold type derived by module C data
d03d03d03NumberZID Ext wall tp
i37i37i37TextZII Vit a fruit
i27i27i27TextZII Broth
f04f04f04NumberZIF Sleep hungry freq
i01i01i01NumberZII Caregiver id
waz2waz2waz2NumberWeight for Age 2sd
urbrururbrururbrurNumberUrban Rural 1 urban 2 rural
i40i40i40TextZII Meat
i16i16i16TextZII Ever breastfed
i48i48i48TextZII Insects
whzwhzwhzNumberWasting Z score
i38i38i38TextZII Oth fruit veg
modd_missingmodd_missingmodd_missingNumberMissing all elements from D
i35i35i35TextZII Root crop
i29i29i29TextZII Yogurt freq
d06d06d06NumberZID Drink water src
i33i33i33TextZII Grains
i42i42i42TextZII Fish
i05i05i05NumberZII Child age years
i43i43i43TextZII Beans nuts
i09i09i09NumberZII Edema
wazwazwazNumberUnderweight Z score
d01d01d01NumberZID Roof tp
f01f01f01NumberZIF No food yn
zii_avail_wght_hghtzii_avail_wght_hghtzii_avail_wght_hghtNumberZII Avail wght hght
i15i15i15TextZII Under 2
i34i34i34TextZII Orange veg
i46i46i46TextZII Sugary foods
i13_consenti13_consenti13_consentTextZII Anemia consent
i04_yyi04_yyi04_yyNumberZII Child birth year
id_codeid_codeid_codeNumberRespondent ID
i04_ddi04_ddi04_ddNumberZII Child birth day
i39i39i39TextZII Organ meats
countrycountrycountryTextZIG1 Country
i07_yri07_yri07_yrNumberZII Consistent age year
d08d08d08NumberZID Fuel src
i17i17i17TextZII Breastfed yesterday
a02a02a02NumberZIA Cluster cd
f05f05f05NumberZIF Whl day no eat yn
i32i32i32TextZII Other liquids
i41i41i41TextZII Eggs
i28i28i28TextZII Yogurt
i22i22i22TextZII Formula
f02f02f02NumberZIF No food freq
i31i31i31TextZII Other water based
i47i47i47TextZII Condiments
i10i10i10NumberZII Weight
i26i26i26TextZII Juice
hazhazhazNumberStunting Z score
i07_moi07_moi07_moNumberZII Consistent age month
i08i08i08NumberZII Under 60 months
i23i23i23TextZII Formula freq
i19i19i19TextZII Vit med drops
i03i03i03NumberZII Child sex
modf_missingmodf_missingmodf_missingNumberMissing all elements from F
i06i06i06NumberZII Child age months
d05d05d05NumberZID Toilet tp
chwghtchwghtchwghtNumberChildren weight
i51i51i51TextZII Eat yesterday freq
i11i11i11NumberZII Height
whz2whz2whz2NumberWeight for Height 2sd
d04d04d04NumberZID Rooms num
i14i14i14TextZII Anemia test result
i04_mmi04_mmi04_mmNumberZII Child birth month
i50i50i50TextZII Eat yesterday
i45i45i45TextZII Oils fats
i18i18i18TextZII Other breast milk
i21i21i21TextZII Water
a06a06a06NumberHousehold type derived by module C data
i49i49i49TextZII Red palm

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