Feed The Future Zambia Baseline Population Based Survey: Women's File

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Feed The Future Zambia Baseline Population Based Survey: Women's File

The Zambia Population-Based Survey (PBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of agriculture and food security in five districts — Chipata, Katete, Lundazi, Nyimba, and Petauke in Zambia. This dataset contains responses from women surveyed.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
countrycountrycountryTextCountry recorded in module G
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberUnique household ID
f02f02f02NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days ?
d03d03d03NumberExterior Walls
zih_bmizih_bmizih_bmiNumberDerived in ODK
h29h29h29NumberGrubs, snails, or insects
wmwghtwmwghtwmwghtNumberWomen s sample weight
zih_age_check_ynzih_age_check_ynzih_age_check_ynNumberIS THE RESPONDENT BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15 AND 49 YEARS?
h15h15h15NumberPumpkin, carrots, squash, or sweet potatoes that are yellow or orange inside or other local yellow orange foods
h26h26h26NumberAny oil, fats, or butter, or foods made with any of these
d04d04d04NumberHow many rooms are there in this dwelling? (Do not count bathrooms, hallways, garage, toilet, cellar, kitchen)
h21h21h21NumberAny meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, or duck
fleshgrpfleshgrpfleshgrpNumberFlesh foods (meat, fish, poultry and liver organ meats)
d01d01d01NumberRoof top material (outer covering)
othfrtgrpothfrtgrpothfrtgrpNumberOther fruits and vegetables
f06f06f06NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days ?
foodsumfoodsumfoodsumNumberNumber of Food Groups Consumed 0-9
d07d07d07NumberDoes this household have electricity?
h20h20h20NumberLiver, kidney, heart, or other organ meats
a05a05a05NumberSex of respondent
a21a21a21NumberFinal outcome of interview
urbrururbrururbrurNumberUrban, rural
modd_missingmodd_missingmodd_missingNumberMissing all elements from module D
beansgrpbeansgrpbeansgrpNumberLegumes and nuts
id_codeid_codeid_codeNumberRespondent ID in the household
c02c02c02NumberWhat is NAME s sex?
modf_missingmodf_missingmodf_missingNumberMissing all elements from module F
h18h18h18NumberRipe mangoes, ripe papayas or other local vitamin A-rich fruits
a02a02a02NumberHousehold listing number
h16h16h16NumberWhite potatoes, white yams, manioc, cassava, other local root crops or any other foods made from roots
h06h06h06NumberAre you currently pregnant?
a06a06a06TextType of household
h19h19h19NumberAny other fruits or vegetables
d06d06d06NumberWhat is the main source of drinking water for your household?
h23h23h23NumberFresh or dried fish, shellfish, or seafood
c04c04c04NumberWhat is NAME s age? (in years)
organgrporgangrporgangrpNumberOrgan meat
h17h17h17NumberAny dark green leafy vegetables such as local dark green leafy vegetables
h25h25h25NumberCheese, yogurt, or other milk products
f03f03f03NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days did you or any household member go to sleep at night hungry because there was not enough food?
lfygrngrplfygrngrplfygrngrpNumberOther Vitamin A rich vegetables and fruits
f04f04f04NumberHow often did this happen in the past 4 weeks 30 days ?
h03h03h03NumberPlease tell me how old you are. What was your age at your last birthday? RECORD AGE IN COMPLETED YEARS
d02d02d02NumberFloor material
underwghtunderwghtunderwghtNumberUnderweight (BMI 18.5)
h14h14h14NumberFood made from grains, such as bread, rice, noodles, porridge, or other local grain food
f05f05f05NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days did you or any household member go a whole day and night without eating anything at all because there was not enough food?
zih_women_age_rangezih_women_age_rangezih_women_age_rangeNumberAre you between the ages of 15 and 49 years old?
hhwghthhwghthhwghtNumberDerived variable, household weight
d08d08d08NumberWhat is the main source of cooking fuel for your household?
d05d05d05NumberWhat is the main type of toilets your household uses?
f01f01f01NumberIn the past 4 weeks 30 days was there ever no food to eat of any kind in your house because of lack of resources to get food?
bmibmibmiNumberWomen s BMI (weight in kg (height in m squared))
h30h30h30NumberFoods made with red palm oil, red palm nut, or red palm nut pulp sauce
milkgrpmilkgrpmilkgrpNumberDairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
c03c03c03NumberWhat is NAME s relationship to the primary respondent?
h28h28h28NumberCondiments for flavor, such as chilies, spices, herbs, or fish powder
h27h27h27NumberAny sugary foods such as chocolates, sweets, candies, pastries, cakes, or biscuits
h24h24h24NumberAny foods made from beans, peas, lentils, nuts, or seeds add any local names
h02_yearh02_yearh02_yearNumberIn what year were you born?
h02_monthh02_monthh02_monthNumberIn what month were you born?

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