Guatemala Maternal health and Sanitation Data: Section 6

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Guatemala Maternal health and Sanitation Data: Section 6

In the process of migrating data to the current DDL platform, datasets with a large number of variables required splitting into multiple spreadsheets. They should be reassembled by the user to understand the data fully. This is the sixth spreadsheet of sixin the Guatemala Maternal health and Sanitation Data.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
cgcgcgNumberFish and seafood
male_adult_maxmale_adult_maxmale_adult_maxNumberHousehold has at least one male 18 or older
child_maxchild_maxchild_maxNumberHousehold has at least one child under 18
at_mesat_mesat_mesNumberConducted AT MES ANTHROPOMETRY
wom_agewom_agewom_ageNumberWomen s age in completed years
hhs_nhhs_nhhs_nNumberHousehold Hunger Scale moderate or severe hunger
soap_watersoap_watersoap_waterNumberCleansing agent and water at handwashing station
at_anoat_anoat_anoNumberConducted AT A O ANTHROPOMETRY
cececeNumberMeats organs blood
at_spmesat_spmesat_spmesNumberSP MES in which oversaw ANTHROPOMETRY
birth_datebirth_datebirth_dateCalendar dateWoman s date of birth
wmwtwmwtwmwtNumberSampling weight for women 15 49 adjusted for module E non response
ciciciNumberMilk and milk products
c2021c2021c2021NumberWent all day and night without eating
at_diaat_diaat_diaNumberConducted AT Dia ANTHROPOMETRY
at_spidat_spidat_spidNumberSupervisor Id SP ID ANTHROPOMETRY
female_adult_maxfemale_adult_maxfemale_adult_maxNumberHousehold has at least one female 18 or older
improved_sanitationimproved_sanitationimproved_sanitationNumberHouseholds using improved sanitation facilities
at_hfat_hfat_hfNumberModule Time ends ANTHROPOMETRY AT HF
int_dateint_dateint_dateCalendar dateDate of Interview
gendered_hhgendered_hhgendered_hhNumberGendered Household type
improved_waterimproved_waterimproved_waterNumberHouseholds using an improved drinking water source
at_miat_miat_miNumberMinutes module starts ANTHROPOMETRY
at_ropaat_ropaat_ropaNumberAT CLOTH
c1617c1617c1617NumberNo food at all in the house
hhwthhwthhwtNumberSampling weight for households and household members
mi_count1mi_count1mi_count1NumberNumber of unique caretakers interviewed per hh according to MOD I I01C
eligible_womeneligible_womeneligible_womenNumberWomen eligible for Module E between 15 and 49 years of age
wom_countwom_countwom_countNumberNumber of women interviewed in household per MOD E E02
total_memberstotal_memberstotal_membersNumberTotal household members
at_mfat_mfat_mfNumberModule ends AT MF ANTHROPOMETRY Minutes
chchchNumberPulses legumes nuts
hhshhshhsNumberHousehold Hunger Scale
at_idat_idat_idNumberANTHROPOMETRY ID
cjcjcjNumberOil fats
at_hiat_hiat_hiNumberAnthropometry module starts Time
hddshddshddsNumberAverage Household Dietary Diversity Score HDDS
foods_minfoods_minfoods_minNumberFlag for case deletion Did not consume ANY foods in the last 7 days or MISSING
mtwtmtwtmtwtNumberSampling weight for mothers of children under 5 years of age adjusted for module I non response
cbcbcbNumberRoot and tubers
at_spdiaat_spdiaat_spdiaNumberSP Dia in which oversaw ANTHROPOMETRY
ckckckNumberSugar honey
at_spanoat_spanoat_spanoNumberSP A O in which oversaw ANTHROPOMETRY
c1819c1819c1819NumberWent to bed hungry

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