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Sustainability Tool

Sustainability Tool

GH Pro conducted an endline evaluation of USAID’s Maternal Child Survival Program (MCSP-MNCH)1 to assess if it had achieved its objectives and planned outputs, as stated in its program description, in Nigeria’s Ebonyi and Kogi states. Five questions evaluated increases in access and utilization of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health interventions; gender-transformative strategies; sustainability; the program’s learning agenda vis-à-vis the Nigerian government’s learning needs; and use of program data.

The evaluation team used a retrospective analytic and a cross-sectional design to address the five questions, and mixed methods were used for data collection, including reviews of the national District Health Information System (DHIS) 2, MCSP-MNCH datasets, and 51 program documents.

Apparent improvements were noted in the utilization of six interventions: oxytocin, partograph, Chlorhexidine 4% gel, newborn resuscitation, essential newborn care, and integrated Community Case Management, particularly with referral of danger signs. MCSP-MNCH baseline data was not available nor calculable for magnesium sulphate or Kangaroo Mother Care. Data was also not available for postpartum family planning for first-time parents and Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for newborn resuscitation, as a study was undergoing analysis and data was not ready. Furthermore, the dataset MCSP-MNCH provided to the evaluation team was incomplete, imprecise, and contained errors, raising concerns about noted improvements.

The program’s work in male engagement and Mothers Savings and Loans Clubs hold promise for transforming gender norms but reached too few people. Most of the program’s reproductive health and MNCH interventions are likely to be included in budgets in Ebonyi and Kogi through the World Bank’s Saving One Million Lives project, but without specific commitment from the states’ governors, funding release may be jeopardized. The learning agenda helped inform implementation, but the government did not help shape the research. Last, MCSP-MNCH project created a new DHIS database instance for its project data only, including new indicators that it introduced (like application of Chlorhexidine 4% gel for newborn cord care), as well as indicators that were already available in the national DHIS 2 database; it is housed within the same server as the national DHIS 2.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
1. Health workers_1_health_workers_1_health_workersNumber
2. TWG_2_twg_2_twgNumber
3. LGA_3_lga_3_lgaNumber
4. State policy makers, supervisors, admin, etc_4_state_policy_makers_4_state_policy_makersNumber
e. Internal QAe_internal_qae_internal_qaNumber
30 The community is aware of MCSP and its perception of MCSP activities are positive_30_the_community_is_aware_30_the_community_is_awareNumber
f. Data validation processesf_data_validation_processesf_data_validation_processesNumber
d. Supervisiond_supervisiond_supervisionNumber
31 The business sector have a positive perception of MCSP activities_31_the_business_sector_have_31_the_business_sector_haveNumber
c. Communicationsc_communicationsc_communicationsNumber
29 The MCSP project results are known to the public through the media and are positively viewed_29_the_mcsp_project_results_29_the_mcsp_project_resultsNumber
b. Staff recruitment retentionb_staff_recruitment_retentionb_staff_recruitment_retentionNumber
a. Continual learninga_continual_learninga_continual_learningNumber
27 You are satisfied with the facilities’ use of the RHMNCH data to promote decision making_27_you_are_satisfied_with_27_you_are_satisfied_withNumber
3. Magnesium Sulphate_3_magnesium_sulphate_3_magnesium_sulphateNumber
4. Post partum family planning (PPFP) of first time parents (FTPs)_4_post_partum_family_planning_4_post_partum_family_planningNumber
8. Resuscitation_8_resuscitation_8_resuscitationNumber
20. The Government at (national, state, local levels) can sustain monitoring of RHMNCH activities (including supportive supervision, DQA, on the job training, etc.)._20_the_government_at_national_20_the_government_at_nationalNumber
26 You are satisfied with the Govt’s use of the RHMNCH data to promote decision making_26_you_are_satisfied_with_26_you_are_satisfied_withNumber
25 The RHMNCH data obtained from the national DHIS 2 is reliable_25_the_rhmnch_data_obtained_25_the_rhmnch_data_obtainedNumber
24 The RHMNCH data obtained from the national DHIS 2 is complete_24_the_rhmnch_data_obtained_24_the_rhmnch_data_obtainedNumber
f. Phonef_phonef_phoneNumber
e. Softwaree_softwaree_softwareNumber
b. Computersb_computersb_computersNumber
d. Hardware (servers)d_hardware_serversd_hardware_serversNumber
a. Interneta_interneta_internetNumber
22 Staff are satisfied with their clinics and workspace and equipment to provide RMMNCH_22_staff_are_satisfied_with_22_staff_are_satisfied_withNumber
7. CTC_7_ctc_7_ctcNumber
c. Electricityc_electricityc_electricityNumber
6. WDC_6_wdc_6_wdcNumber
5. National policy makers_5_national_policy_makers_5_national_policy_makersNumber
1. Uterotonic (oxytocin, misopropyl)_1_uterotonic_oxytocin_1_uterotonic_oxytocinNumber
2. Partograph_2_partograph_2_partographNumber
5. Chlorhexidine for newborn cord care_5_chlorhexidine_for_newborn_5_chlorhexidine_for_newbornNumber
6. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)_6_kangaroo_mother_care_kmc_6_kangaroo_mother_care_kmcNumber
7. Bubble continuous Positive Airway Pressure (bCPAP)_7_bubble_continuous_positive_7_bubble_continuous_positiveNumber
9. Essential Newborn Care_9_essential_newborn_care_9_essential_newborn_careNumber
10. iCCM by PPMVs_10_iccm_by_ppmvs_10_iccm_by_ppmvsNumber
2. The vision of the MCSP project is the same as the vision that the Govt has for RHMNCH_2_the_vision_of_the_mcsp_2_the_vision_of_the_mcspNumber
3. The Govt of Nigeria understand the gains (impact, result, etc.) of the RHMNCH interventions described above_3_the_govt_of_nigeria_3_the_govt_of_nigeriaNumber
4. The Govt of Nigeria (national, state, LGA feel responsible for maintaining the implementation of these RHMNCH interventions after MCSP ends_4_the_govt_of_nigeria_4_the_govt_of_nigeriaNumber
5. MCSP has supported policy development or implementation that supports government abilities to implement RMNCH activities_5_mcsp_has_supported_policy_5_mcsp_has_supported_policyNumber
6. The Govt (national, state, local) able to resolve roadblocks in implementing MCSP (ADVOCACY)_6_the_govt_national_state_6_the_govt_national_stateNumber
7. These RMNCH interventions are part of MOH strategic planning processes at (national, state, local)_7_these_rmnch_interventions_7_these_rmnch_interventionsNumber
8. You have clearly identified needs in the community, and engaged community in addressing priorities_8_you_have_clearly_identified_8_you_have_clearly_identifiedNumber
9. You have access to policy makers and government representatives_9_you_have_access_to_policy_9_you_have_access_to_policyNumber
10. Govt state, LGA has capacity to advocate for additional resources to support/maintain quality RMNCH_10_govt_state_lga_has_10_govt_state_lga_hasNumber
11. Policy makers really understand priorities and needs of communities addressed by MCSP_11_policy_makers_really_11_policy_makers_reallyNumber
12. There is sufficient type of staffing to implement RHMNCH activities at health facilities_12_there_is_sufficient_type_12_there_is_sufficient_typeNumber
13. Health staff in Ebonyi and Kogi state are sufficiently trained and have the skills to implement RHMNCH activities within their health facility_13_health_staff_in_ebonyi_13_health_staff_in_ebonyiNumber
14. LGA and State supervisors in Ebonyi and Kogi states are sufficiently trained and have the skills to implement RHMNCH activities within their health facility_14_lga_and_state_supervisors_14_lga_and_state_supervisorsNumber
15. Health facilities are sufficiently equipped, meaning they have skilled providers, equipment, tools, and commodities to implement RHMNCH_15_health_facilities_are_15_health_facilities_areNumber
16. Govt of Nigeria (national, state, local got have sufficient access to technology to ensure DHIS reliability as the primary source of data for RMNCH_16_govt_of_nigeria_national_16_govt_of_nigeria_nationalNumber
17. Financial support for implementing key MCSP activities can come from elsewhere (sources outside the project)_17_financial_support_for_17_financial_support_forNumber
17b. If higher than 8, ask if they can list the sources:_17b_if_higher_than_8_ask_17b_if_higher_than_8_askText
18. The Govt of Nigeria will be able to continue to implement RHMNCH activities if MCSP funding stops_18_the_govt_of_nigeria_will_18_the_govt_of_nigeria_willNumber
19. Govt of Nigeria state, LGA, community is able to source and manage additional funds to continue with RHMMNCH services mentioned above._19_govt_of_nigeria_state_19_govt_of_nigeria_stateNumber

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