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Asotin County Library Missing Items from Clarkston Branch

This dataset lists missing books, DVDs and other items at the Asotin County Library District’s main branch in Clarkston, Washington. These items aren’t checked out by a patron but can’t be located on the shelf. The data is generated by the Koha software used to track the library collection. For more information about missing items, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CopyrightDatecopyrightdatecopyrightdateTextYear that the item received copyright
TitletitletitleTextName of the item
PageCountpagecountpagecountNumberTotal numbered pages contained in the item
AccessionedDateaccessioneddateaccessioneddateTextDate the item was acquired by the library
CallNumbercallnumbercallnumberTextCode combining letters and sometimes numbers that is used to categorize an item and determine where it is shelved. The library uses Dewey Decimal Classification, which classifies nonfiction works by subject. Fiction call numbers typically end with the first few letters of a title or author surname, and might also indicate the medium type (e.g., large print, book on CD) and likely user group (e.g., young adult)
MissingDatemissingdatemissingdateTextDate that the item status was updated to 'missing' in the library catalog
ReplacementPricereplacementpricereplacementpriceNumberCost to replace the item
AuthorauthorauthorTextName of the item creator (Last Name, First Name)
ItemHeightitemheightitemheightNumberHeight of the item's spine or left-most edge given in centimeters
RuntimeruntimeruntimeNumberDuration of recorded media given in minutes
ItemTypeitemtypeitemtypeTextItem format or medium that informs item circulation rules (e.g. paperback, puzzle, large print)
ItemCountitemcountitemcountNumberNumber of pieces included in the item record
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