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Watershed Health Monitoring: BIBI

This file lists annual-average benthic biological integrity scores for weighted sites sampled by the Watershed Health Monitoring Program through 2016. Adjusted spatial weights are also provided.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
X BIBI2018x_bibi2018x_bibi2018NumberAnnual average BIBI score for the site. It is an average of 1 or 2 samples per site.
ECOREG3_NMecoreg3_nmecoreg3_nmTextEPA Level III ecorgion as described in the Washington Master Sample: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gispublic/DataDownload/EAP_ENV_MasterSample.htm
Region_Roundregion_roundregion_roundTextRegion = Status & Trends Region; Round = 1 (2009-2012), or 2 (2013-2019)
Status and Trends Regionstatus_and_trends_regionstatus_and_trends_regionTextWatershed Health Monitoring region, based on SALMON_RR, see https://ecology.wa.gov/Research-Data/Monitoring-assessment/River-stream-monitoring/Habitat-monitoring/Watershed-health
SALMON_RRsalmon_rrsalmon_rrTextSalmon Recovery Region as described in the Washington Master Sample: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gispublic/DataDownload/EAP_ENV_MasterSample.htm
SITE_IDsite_idsite_idTextUnique site identifier from Washington Master Sample: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gispublic/DataDownload/EAP_ENV_MasterSample.htm
X BIBI_2018categoryx_bibi_2018categoryx_bibi_2018categoryTextCondition class (GOOD, FAIR, or POOR) based on 2009-2016 reference site BIBI scores (average per site during 2009-2016). The 5th percentile to less than 25th percentile = "FAIR". Percentiles are evaluated per Scoring Region. Reference data (sites and raw counts) are found in the Watershed Health Monitoring Database by referencing study IDs that contain "WHM_SEN" and WHM_BIO". Access the database here: https://ecology.wa.gov/Research-Data/Monitoring-assessment/River-stream-monitoring/Habitat-monitoring/Watershed-health. For calulated BIBI values, access the Puget Sound Stream Benthos: https://www.pugetsoundstreambenthos.org
ASWeight.kmasweight_kmasweight_kmNumberAdjusted spatial weight, calculated with USEPA algorithm for R (sp.survey). The weight describes how many kilometers of the stream network that the sample site represents.
Scoring Regionscoring_regionscoring_regionTextRegion containing with the reference sites used to evaluate the BIBI. The 3 regions were established based on Ecology publication #15-03-011
PCTkm_perSurveypctkm_persurveypctkm_persurveyNumberSum of adjusted spatial weights for Region_Round, divided by adjusted spatial weight for the given site.
yearyearyearNumberYear of sampling
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