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Watershed Health Monitoring: Riparian Disturbance by Region and Survey

This dataset lists random sites sampled by Watershed Health Monitoring surveys during 2009 to 2016. It provides adjusted spatial weights (km of stream represented by the site). It also provides metric values for proximity-weighted presence of riparian disturbance from any type (PWP all) and the disturbance condition rating (low, medium, or high). Sites are assigned regional and survey year membership.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Status and Trends Regionstatus_and_trends_regionstatus_and_trends_regionTextWatershed Health Monitoring Region, based on Salmon Recovery Regions. Status and Trends Regions are described here: https://ecology.wa.gov/Research-Data/Monitoring-assessment/River-stream-monitoring/Habitat-monitoring/Watershed-health
X_PWP allx_pwp_allx_pwp_allNumberAnnual mean (1 or 2 observations) of PWP all values. These values are available from the Watershed Health Monitoring Database: https://ecology.wa.gov/Research-Data/Monitoring-assessment/River-stream-monitoring/Habitat-monitoring/Watershed-health. Calculation of PWP all is described in the Metric Dictionary: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/publications/SummaryPages/1303033.html
PCTkm_perSurveypctkm_persurveypctkm_persurveyNumber% of the survey’s total stream km represented by the site.
ASWeight.kmasweight_kmasweight_kmNumberAdjusted spatial weight of site for the Region_Round, calculated using the US EPA's spsurvey algorithm. Adjusted spatial weight is how many km that the site represents in the given survey.
SITE_IDsite_idsite_idTextUnique site identifier from the Washington Master Sample: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gispublic/DataDownload/EAP_ENV_MasterSample.htm
Region_Roundregion_roundregion_roundTextCombination of Status and Trends Region and survey Round. Round 1 = 2009 to 2012; Round 2 = 2013-2019.
NotesnotesnotesTextSome notes on estimates provided for missing data.
X_PWP all Levelx_pwp_all_levelx_pwp_all_levelTextWe have categorized metric values using thresholds presently in use by the EPA for the National Rivers and Streams Surveys. W1_Hall is the comparable metric in EPA’s terminology. Low disturbance is where PWP all <0.33 and high disturbance where PWP all >1.5.
SALMON_RRsalmon_rrsalmon_rrTextSalmon Recovery Region as described in the Washington Master Sample: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gispublic/DataDownload/EAP_ENV_MasterSample.htm
yearyearyearNumberYear of observation
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