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Benthic Index of Biological Integrity (B-IBI) data (mean site score per survey) from Watershed Health Monitoring Surveys conducted by the Department of Ecology during 2009 through 2019. Data from Recovery Regions is intended for the 2020 State of the Salmon Report. B-IBI scores are accessible from Puget Sound Stream Benthos. See https://pugetsoundstreambenthos.org but this file uses a different rating method for "Good/Fair/Poor" that is based on percentiles of BIBI-scores from Department of Ecology reference sites during 2009-2018.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
X BIBIx_bibix_bibiNumberMean B-IBI for Sample 1 and Sample 2
Sample2sample2sample2TextDuplicate data collection event for the survey
Sample1sample1sample1TextFirst data collection event for the survey
RecoveryRegionrecoveryregionrecoveryregionTextSalmonid Recovery Region membership
SurveyWeight_kmsurveyweight_kmsurveyweight_kmNumberStream length (km) represented by the survey site.
SurveyRegionsurveyregionsurveyregionTextStatus & Trends Region membership
NHDpSTRAHLERnhdpstrahlernhdpstrahlerNumberStrahler stream order by comparison with 1:100,000 NHDplus.
X BIBI_categoryx_bibi_categoryx_bibi_categoryTextFair is 5th to < 25th % of reference Bsite
EcoregionecoregionecoregionTextMembership in EPA Level 3 Ecoregions
SURVEY_YEARsurvey_yearsurvey_yearTextSurvey round and year of sampling.
SITE_IDsite_idsite_idTextUnique site identifier from the Washington Master Sample
ReferenceRegionreferenceregionreferenceregionTextMembership among 3 Department of Ecology reference site regions.
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