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WDFW-Hatchery Reform & Challenges

WDFW-Hatchery Reform & Challenges


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Action Needed Descriptionaction_needed_descaction_needed_descTextMajor Hatchery Reform Actions: Results of Hatchery Scientific Review (2000- 2004) and HAIP-Hatchery Action Imp Plans documentation.
Fund Sourcefund_sourcefund_sourceTextSource of the funds for the action.
ScheduleschedulescheduleTextEstimated scheduled for completion or current status of the action.
CostscostscostsNumberEstimated Major Reform/Renovation Costs: Results of 2004 review of hatchery facilities; HAIP-Hatchery Action Imp Plans documentation; GAUOBogden Report 2004 includes: Prevent pollutant contamination, HSRG projects, keep hatchery operational.
Costs Notescosts_notescosts_notesTextAdditional notes about the costs.
Facility Namefacility_namefacility_nameTextThe name of the hatchery.
Action Neededaction_neededaction_neededTextGeneral category of the action being taken.

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