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WQI Parameter Scores 1994-2013

WQI Parameter Scores 1994-2013

Routine freshwater monitoring data collected by the The WA State Department of Ecology's River and Stream Monitoring Program are summarized by a technique called the "Water Quality Index" (WQI). The WQI ranges from 1 (poor quality) to 100 (good quality). The WQI summary does not include non-standard elements like metals. For temperature, pH, oxygen, and fecal coliform bacteria, the WQI is based on criteria in Washington’s Water Quality Standards, WAC 173-201A. For nutrient and sediment measures where standards are not specific, results are based on expected conditions in a given region. Multiple constituents are combined and results aggregated over time to produce a single score for each station and each year. All current long-term Ecology monitoring stations with at least 5 years data are included. Most stations are located near the mouths of major streams. These stations integrate upstream water quality and capture large basin-scale trends. However, status and trends at these locations may not reflect status or trends in any particular sub-basin. Scores for individual parameters are presented as Oxygen (Oxy) , pH, temperature (TEMP), total suspended sediment (TSS), turbidity(Turb), nitrogen(TPN), and phosphorus(TP).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Location 1location_1location_1Point
WQI TPwqi_tpwqi_tpNumber
WQI TPNwqi_tpnwqi_tpnNumber
WQI Tempwqi_tempwqi_tempNumber
WQI TSSwqi_tsswqi_tssNumber
WQI pHwqi_phwqi_phNumber
WQI Oxywqi_oxywqi_oxyNumber
WQI FCwqi_fcwqi_fcNumber
Overall WQIoverall_wqioverall_wqiNumber
Station Namestation_namestation_nameText
WQI Turbwqi_turbwqi_turbNumber