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Recent Transit On-Time Performance Data

Recent Transit On-Time Performance Data

Every Winnipeg Transit bus is equipped with an on-board computer and GPS that logs whether or not it is on time as it leaves a bus stop.

This raw data is available for download, showing the scheduled departure time from each bus stop, as well as the deviation (+/- in seconds) from this scheduled departure time, for the most recent month.

Data is collected from buses on a daily basis. However, due to transmission problems and data issues, a small percentage of bus data may be missing from Winnipeg Transit’s data set. As well, due to GPS and other errors, a small percentage of bus data may contain erroneous data. This data set contains the data as it is reported by the on-board computer.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Stop Numberstop_numberstop_numberText
Route Destinationroute_destinationroute_destinationText
Route Nameroute_nameroute_nameText
Scheduled Timescheduled_timescheduled_timeCalendar date
DeviationdeviationdeviationNumberIn seconds
Day Typeday_typeday_typeText
Route Numberroute_numberroute_numberText
Row IDrow_idrow_idText
Zip Codes:@computed_region_4h47_8kp6:@computed_region_4h47_8kp6Number

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