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Animal Control Incidents

Incidents responded to by the Baton Rouge Animal Control and Rescue Center (ACRC).

ACRC is responsible for carrying out duties related to animal-related situations, including: administering the anti-rabies vaccination, licensing, and tag program; investigating animal cruelty incidents; investigating dog fighting; resolving dangerous animal situations; rescuing injured animals; investigating abandoned animal cases; investigating occult, animal sacrifice, and bestiality cases; resolving stray animal situations; enforcing the leash law and owned animal problems; assisting law enforcement with narcotics, evictions, and DWI cases; enforcing barking dog cases; inspecting dog yards/pens; chaining or tethering compliance; assisting animal welfare groups with feral interventions; and conducting educational programs.

As many of the incidents included within this data set involve active cases that are currently under investigation and computerized system limitations do not allow for automated screening of open/closed cases, the identity of animal owners is redacted to protect the privacy of the animal owner. Members of the public interested in the identity of a specific incident may contact ACRC directly to inquire about the incident and, if it is closed, ACRC will release a copy of the file to the person requesting it. However, location data regarding where the incident was reported or occurred is included within this data set, which may or may not be the same location as the animal owner's home or property.

In addition, to protect the identity of the complainant (person filing the complaint or alerting ACRC to a potential incident), only the complainant's street name is included as part of this data set.

Finally, while all incidents are updated on a daily basis, incidents involving animal cruelty are updated based on a rolling 30-day delay to allow for ACRC to investigate the incident and make a determination as to the validity of the cruelty complaint.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
IMPOUND NUMBERimpoundnoimpoundnoTextNumber used to track animals being impounded into shelter
BREEDbreedbreedTextBreed of animal
SERVICE CODEservice_codeservice_codeTextCode is used at the responding officer's discretion; may be the same as CPREMARKS but may be different if issue is not what complaint reported
IMPOUND DATEimpound_dateimpound_dateCalendar dateDate animal was brought into shelter
EQUIPMENT NUMBERcequipcequipTextID of vehicle used to respond to incident
DISPATCHERcpdispatchercpdispatcherTextID of employee who dispatched the officer to incident
OFFICERcpofficercpofficerTextID of officer who was dispatched to incident
COMPLAINANT STREETcpstreetcpstreetTextStreet of complaintant
CALL TAKERcpoperatorcpoperatorTextID of employee who took the call
COLLAR COLORcollar_colorcollar_colorTextCollar color
INCIDENT DATEcpdatecpdateCalendar dateDate incident was called in
VACCINATION NUMBERvacc_numvacc_numTextVaccination id number of animal, provided by owner
DISPATCHED TIMEcpdisptimecpdisptimeTextTime an officer was dispatched to incident
VACCINATION DATEvacdatevacdateCalendar dateDate of vaccination of animal, provided by owner
LOCATIONlocationlocationTextLocation of incident
REMARKScpremarkscpremarksTextRemarks provided during initial call, if any
REQUEST TYPEcprequestcprequestTextType of incident being reported
AVAILABLE TIMEcavailablecavailableTextTime officer was finished with incident and was once again available for another call
ZIP CODElocziploczipTextZIP code of incident
SPECIESspeciesspeciesTextSpecies of animal
DISPOSITION DATEdispdatedispdateCalendar dateDate of disposition
COLLARcollarcollarTextType of collar, if any
DISPOSITION OFFICERdispoffdispoffTextName of officer responsible for disposition of animal
DISPOSITIONdispositiondispositionTextHow animal was processed once at ACC (e.g. transferred to the Companion Animal Alliance, an organization with which the City-Parish is contracted to perform all animal sheltering, adoptions, and animal reclaimations)
PET NAMEpetnamepetnameTextPet has a name. Used when turning in animal to be adopted.
AGEageageTextAge of animal
SIZEsizesizeTextSize of animal
MUNICIPALITYmunicipalitymunicipalityTextMunicipality of incident
IMPOUND TIMEimpound_timeimpound_timeTextTime animal was brought into shelter
ARRIVAL TIMEcarrivalcarrivalTextTime officer arrived on scene
INCIDENT TIMEcptimercvdcptimercvdTextTime incident was called in
FILE NUMBERcpfilenocpfilenoNumberInternal file number of incident
TEMPERMENTtempermenttempermentTextTemperment of animal
CONDITIONconditionconditionTextCondition of animal
COLORcolorcolorTextColor of animal
SEXsexsexTextSex of animal
DISPATCHED SITUATIONcdispocdispoTextIndicates if officer was dispatched (D) or the call had to be postponed (K) and addressed the following day.
DISPATCHED OTHERcpstandbycpstandbyTextNot dispatched by cad but there is dispatch info in record
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