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Welcome to the Splitgraph Documentation

Splitgraph is a data API for read-intensive Web applications, dashboards and BI tools. It provides a PostgreSQL-compatible endpoint for your datasets. Read to find more about how to query Splitgraph from your applications and add data to it.



Learn the basics of Splitgraph, and how you can use it to power data-driven applications.


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Splitgraph allows you to run analytical queries on a variety of datasets: from publicly available data to datasets you uploaded yourself, ingested from a SaaS service or built with dbt. Read on to find out how to query, add and discover data on Splitgraph.

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SQL Client Reference

Splitgraph supports the PostgreSQL syntax and is compatible with most PostgreSQL clients. Check the reference for various clients you can connect to Splitgraph, including language libraries, BI tools or generic SQL clients.

sgr CLI reference

sgr is the command line tool for working with Splitgraph. It allows you to manage automated ingestion pipelines or upload data to Splitgraph. You can also use it standalone, in a decentralized mode.

Splitgraph Python API

All Splitgraph functionality is available in the Python API, offering first-class support for data science workflows including Jupyter notebooks and Pandas dataframes.