Learn the basics of Splitgraph, and how you can use it to work with data like you work with code.

Five Minute Demo

In the five minute demo, you'll learn the most important features of Splitgraph. Start with ingesting some data, then build a derivative dataset from it using Splitfiles. Learn about provenance and how you can push data back upstream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Splitgraph. Learn what Splitgraph is, why and when to use it, and about its performance.


sgr Command Line Interface

sgr is the main command line tool used to work with splitgraph images. Use it to ingest data, work with splitfiles, and push data to splitgraph cloud.

Python API

All Splitgraph functionality is available in the Python API, offering first-class support for data science workflows including Jupyter notebooks and Pandas dataframes.