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Connecting to the DDN

The Splitgraph "Data Delivery Network" (DDN) is based on the PostgreSQL wire protocol. Most SQL clients should be able to connect to it and query it.

PostGIS data on the Splitgraph Data Delivery Network in DBeaver

Don't have a SQL client? We recommend DBeaver. Or, if you have VSCode, the SQLTools Extension along with its SQLTools PostgreSQL/Redshift Driver, is a convenient way to get started.

Introspection: Some clients send "introspection queries" so they know which tables and schemas to show you in the workspace. In most cases, these introspection queries are compatible with Splitgraph, which will return a list of tables in your "workspace" (currently, any repositories you own, along with a handful of Splitgraph-featured repositories).

Troubleshooting Introspection: In some cases, clients may send introspection queries that Splitgraph does not know how to answer. In this case you should file an issue with details of your client.

Other exceptions and quirks of various clients are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list.