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Deploy and query data at the edge.

Splitgraph provides a serverless SQL API for building data-driven applications from hundreds of data sources.


Query 40,000+ datasets

Splitgraph indexes thousands of public open government datasets

Click the button to generate a random query for a random open government dataset

Deploy data from anywhere

Import immutable snapshots of data from hundreds of sources, or connect directly to live backend data sources.


Live Querying

Safely publish fresh data from your warehouse or database without replicating it to Splitgraph

Browse data sources

SaaS and Databases

Import data from over 100 SaaS vendors and databases, powered by Airbyte


CSV Uploads

Go from CSV to SQL in seconds... Upload a CSV file (or files!) and start querying it


Transform Data

Upload your dbt Core project to Splitgraph and run data transformations


Public Data

Import from other data on Splitgraph, including over 40,000 open government datasets


...or just INSERT

Write to Splitgraph directly from a PostgreSQL client with standard SQL.

Without SplitgraphWith Splitgraph

# TODO: figure out caching
# TODO: fix 'where' parsing breaking
# TODO: precompute this??? DB indexes?
# TODO: migrate bash script to real language
# TODO: should i hire someone for this???

curl https://api.myproject.com/data\

# TODO: add more visualizations :)

curl https://data.splitgraph.com/sql/my-app \
    -d@- <<EOF
{"sql": "SELECT
date_trunc('month', date),
FROM stats.users
WHERE date_part('year', date) = 2022
GROUP BY 1, 2"}

Build applications, not APIs

• Query and aggregate your data with a language built for querying: SQL.

• Execute queries straight from the user's browser to power interactive visualizations and dashboards without worrying about where to host the data.

• Or, connect to Splitgraph's PostgreSQL endpoint with your own clients and dashboarding tools.

• Let us worry about the REST...

Read the Docs: Data Delivery Network

Fast analytical queries

• Splitgraph uses PostgreSQL and columnar storage, combining a familiar SQL syntax with fast performance for aggregation and reporting queries.

• Support for Seafowl, out new database powered by DataFusion and Parquet, coming soon.


What will you build?

Splitgraph makes it easy to build data-driven applications

Accessing private data sources with network tunnels

Use Splitgraph to query and load data from private data sources with built-in support for network tunnels.
Read more

Querying Stripe data with Splitgraph

Keep data from Stripe (plus more than 100 other data sources) in sync with Splitgraph for easy querying!

Exploring Google Search terms from BigQuery using Splitgraph

Query data from Google BigQuery using Splitgraph.

Mapping query results with Mapbox

Plot geographic query results using Mapbox to create an interactive realtime dashboard.

Plot query results in Google Sheets

Query your data directly from Google Sheets. Use charts to visualize the results.

Working with private data in Observable

Query your data with SQL, present the results in an Observable notebooks.