Dogfooding Splitgraph for cross-database analytics in Metabase
We talk about how we use Metabase, Splitgraph and PostgreSQL foreign data wrappers to build BI dashboards that are backed by federated queries across our Matomo and Elasticsearch instances.
Port 5432 is open: introducing the Splitgraph Data Delivery Network
We launch the Splitgraph Data Delivery Network: a single endpoint that lets any PostgreSQL application, client or BI tool to connect and query over 40,000 public datasets hosted or proxied by Splitgraph.
Splitgraph infrastructure, part 3: Using Docker Compose in production
We finish our overview of Splitgraph's infrastructure by talking about why and how we use Docker Compose to run the Splitgraph registry in production.
Supercharging dbt with Splitgraph: versioning, sharing, cross-DB joins
We discuss how you can use Splitgraph with dbt to add versioning and cross-database joins to dbt models. We also show how to use dbt to reference Splitgraph datasets, including through a purpose-built Splitgraph adapter.
Throwing away the backend: Towards a data delivery network
We discuss the trends of serverless and edge computing, talk about why our SQL server is open to the public and propose the idea of a data delivery network.
Splitgraph infrastructure, part 2: Integration testing with Docker Compose
We continue our overview of Splitgraph's internal build infrastructure by talking about how we run end-to-end integration tests. We also discuss using Jinja to generate configuration and inject secrets into our components.
Querying 40,000+ datasets with SQL
Learn about how Splitgraph indexes over 40,000 datasets from government and public sources using the Socrata API, Splitgraph mounting, and PostgreSQL foreign data wrappers.
Splitgraph infrastructure, part 1: Using Make to build multiple Docker images efficiently
We begin our overview of Splitgraph's internal build infrastructure by discussing how we build Docker images in development and CI using Make and Docker BuildKit.
Foreign data wrappers: PostgreSQL's secret weapon?
We talk about foreign data wrappers, a PostgreSQL feature that lets you query remote databases directly from your PostgreSQL instance. We also demonstrate how to integrate them with Splitgraph.
Treat your datasets like cattle, not pets
We talk about the "pets versus cattle" idea in software and discuss how Splitgraph helps to apply it to data science and data engineering.
It took 10 minutes to add support for DataGrip to Splitgraph
We discuss a philosophy of not breaking existing abstractions that we think explains the success of tools like Docker and Git and how we applied it to Splitgraph, helping us launch with multiple integrations.
Welcome to Splitgraph
Announcing Splitgraph, a data versioning and management system that allows you to work with data like you work with code.