Splitgraph has been acquired by EDB! Read the blog post.
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Oct 24, 2023 · By Artjoms Iškovs, Miles Richardson

EDB acquires Splitgraph

Splitgraph is joining EDB, the leader in accelerating Postgres in the enterprise.

From Splitgraph's inception back in 2018, we have always been a Postgres-first company. Our serverless SQL API, sgr, the Splitgraph Data Delivery Network, the managed data platform PostgreSQL and its rich ecosystem of extensions has been at the core of our products.

This is why we could not pass up the opportunity to join one of the top contributors to PostgreSQL. We are pleased to announce that Splitgraph has been acquired by EDB. The senior leadership at EDB is excited about our experience in OLAP and the modern data stack and believe that we will be a big part of their plans to grow the company.

From all of us at Splitgraph, thanks for being part of our journey these past five years. We can't wait to share more as we continue it under EDB's flag.