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Splitgraph Jumpstart

Learn how to use Splitgraph to its full potential. Introductions, step-by-step tutorials, and deep dives into the many features of Splitgraph.

Accessing private data sources with network tunnels

Use Splitgraph to query and load data from private data sources with built-in support for network tunnels.
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Querying Stripe data with Splitgraph

Keep data from Stripe (plus more than 100 other data sources) in sync with Splitgraph for easy querying!

Exploring Google Search terms from BigQuery using Splitgraph

Query data from Google BigQuery using Splitgraph.

Mapping query results with Mapbox

Plot geographic query results using Mapbox to create an interactive realtime dashboard.

Plot query results in Google Sheets

Query your data directly from Google Sheets. Use charts to visualize the results.

Working with private data in Observable

Query your data with SQL, present the results in an Observable notebooks.