What is Splitgraph?

Splitgraph is a...

...serverless data API

Splitgraph provides an HTTP API and a Postgres-compatible endpoint that lets you run queries on datasets using the PostgreSQL syntax.

The way you interact with Splitgraph is by submitting queries and getting results, instead of provisioning, managing and scaling a database.

...optimized for analytics

Splitgraph is built for the OLAP use case. It uses columnar storage and is optimized for fast aggregation queries.

If you're looking to build an interactive read-heavy application that needs to run analytics on a large dataset, Splitgraph is for you. On the other hand, if your application will be dealing with a large volume of single-row reads and writes, Splitgraph might not be a good fit. modern Web applications

Splitgraph is designed for modern Web applications that might be running on a server, in a serverless environment or on your end user's browser. It can cache query results and is suitable for a zero-trust environment.

In a way, you can think of Splitgraph as a CDN for data.

Get started with Splitgraph

To get started, you can check out a short demo that submits a query to Splitgraph or a longer demo showing you how to connect and query Splitgraph with your SQL client.

The next article gives a quick overview of how Splitgraph organizes data and how you can discover, query and add your own data to it.

Private deployments are available

Splitgraph is a publicly available multi-tenant service. However, we also offer private, single-tenant deployments of Splitgraph. They are available on managed or self-hosted infrastructure including all major clouds. To learn more, join the beta.