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Splitgraph Data Delivery Network (DDN) is a PostgreSQL-compatible SQL endpoint hosted at postgresql://data.splitgraph.com:5432/ddn that lets you query any dataset hosted on or indexed by Splitgraph with any PostgreSQL client. In addition, you can also execute data and table manipulation (aka write) statements on your own repositories.

Connecting to the DDN

You can use the following PostgreSQL connection parameters to connect to the DDN:

  • Username: Splitgraph API key
  • Password: Splitgraph API secret
  • Host: data.splitgraph.com
  • Port: 5432
  • Database: ddn

To get API keys, see the Machine Credentials section.

Using the sgr CLI

You can also query the DDN from the sgr CLI by running sgr cloud sql [query].

sgr cloud sql without arguments returns a libpq-compatible connection string. You can use it to connect to the endpoint with a client like pgcli or psql:

pgcli $(sgr cloud sql)
psql $(sgr cloud sql)

You need to be logged in to Splitgraph. See the sgr CLI for more information.

You can find your Splitgraph API key and secret in your .sgconfig file, under the data.splitgraph.com section:


See the sgr CLI configuration reference for more information.