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sgr ships as a self-contained binary that works on Linux, Mac and Windows without any prerequisites.

You can also install sgr as a Python library (we support Python 3.7 and newer).



Download the sgr binary from the releases page, available for the three major platforms.


sgr is on Homebrew and can be installed via

$ brew install sgr

Python package

You can also install the sgr library from pip. This is useful if you want to use the Splitgraph Python API to manipulate images from your code:

$ pip install splitgraph

If you wish to contribute to sgr itself or get the bleeding-edge version, you can follow the development instructions on our GitHub.

Note for Windows users

If you're running sgr in a MINGW terminal (for example, Git Bash), you have to prefix its invocations with winpty to avoid output errors and make sure password inputs work properly.

The simplest way to do this is by adding alias sgr='winpty sgr' to your .bashrc.

Configuration file

The sgr configuration file is usually stored in the user's home directory (~/.splitgraph/.sgconfig).

For more information on configuring sgr, see the configuration reference.