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sgr is a CLI for Splitgraph and a Python library that lets you perform some common operations on Splitgraph repositories directly from your command shell. This also includes managing splitgraph.yml

Note on the sgr engine

sgr can also optionally run something called an sgr engine for you. The engine is a Docker container running a custom version of PostgreSQL. You can use the sgr engine to:

  • clone repositories from Splitgraph to the engine
  • manipulate and snapshot data on the engine, building new repositories
  • push data back to Splitgraph


Splitgraph itself is built around sgr and the sgr engine. You do not need to use the engine to work with Splitgraph. While some sgr commands will work against Splitgraph, here we will be focusing on the sgr cloud command suite.

See here if you're interested in advanced usage of sgr.