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Connect dbt Git repo

Configuring Splitgraph to run dbt is the same as configuring any other Splitgraph data source. Splitgraph will ask you for a URL to the Git repository with your dbt project. Then, it will scan the project and let you pick dbt models to run.

You will also need to "map" Splitgraph repositories to dbt sources.

After that, you will be able to trigger the model to build a repository on a schedule or do a one-off transformation. Each dbt model will become a table on Splitgraph.

For more information on how the dbt integration works and how to use it, see our launch blog post.

Using splitgraph.yml

You can also use the splitgraph.yml file to set up your dbt project settings. See our GitHub for a self-contained example of running dbt on Splitgraph using GitHub Actions.