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Using sgr cloud stub

You can generate a stub splitgraph.yml file using sgr cloud stub.

For example:

sgr cloud stub dbt my-username/transformed-data
  dbt: # This is the name of this credential that "external" sections can reference.
    plugin: dbt
    # Credential-specific data matching the plugin's credential schema
      git_url: "" # REQUIRED. dbt model Git URL. URL to the Git repo with the dbt project, for example,`https://uname:pass_or_token@github.com/organisation/repository.git`.
  - namespace: my-username
    repository: transformed-data
    # Catalog-specific metadata for the repository. Optional.
        text: Readme
      description: Description of the repository
        - sample_topic
    # Data source settings for the repository. Optional.
      # Name of the credential that the plugin uses. This can also be a credential_id if the
      # credential is already registered on Splitgraph.
      credential: dbt
      plugin: dbt
      # Plugin-specific parameters matching the plugin's parameters schema
        git_branch: master # Git branch. Branch or commit hash to use for the dbt project.
        sources: # dbt source map. Describe which Splitgraph image to use for each dbt source (defined in sources.yml).
          - dbt_source_name: "" # REQUIRED. Source name. Source name in the dbt model
            namespace: "" # REQUIRED. Namespace
            repository: "" # REQUIRED. Repository
            hash_or_tag: latest # Hash or tag
          # Plugin-specific table parameters matching the plugin's schema
          options: {}

          # Schema of the table. If set to `[]`, will infer.
            - name: col_1
              type: varchar
      # Whether live querying is enabled for the plugin (creates a "live" tag in the
      # repository proxying to the data source). The plugin must support live querying.
      is_live: false
      # Ingestion schedule settings. Disable this if you're using GitHub Actions or other methods
      # to trigger ingestion.

This stub file is generated based on the specific plugin's settings schema.

Using sgr cloud dump

If you already have an existing repository that you wish to use as a template, you can dump its settings to a splitgraph.yml file and use that file as a starting point (documentation):

sgr cloud dump sample/repo