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Register on Splitgraph

You can register and log into the Splitgraph directly from the CLI:

$ sgr cloud register

This will prompt you for a username, password, e-mail, ask you to accept our Terms and Conditions and log you into the registry.

Splitgraph stores your API keys to communicate with the Splitgraph registry and the REST API in your .sgconfig file. The only password Splitgraph stores in the .sgconfig file is the password protecting your local engine. It never stores your cloud password in the config, and it never passes it to the registry, except at login time when it prompts you for it.

To log into the registry again or get a new set of API keys, use sgr cloud login.

sgr cloud commands

If you're logged into Splitgraph, you get access to some commands that you can use to interact with Splitgraph directly from your shell:

For more sgr cloud commands, see the sgr CLI reference.