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sgr cloud curl


Query a Splitgraph REST API.

This is a thin wrapper around curl that performs an HTTP request to Splitgraph Cloud to interact with a dataset using PostgREST (http://postgrest.org) or the Splitfile execution service.

The actual invocation is:

curl [API endpoint][request] -H [access_token] [extra curl args].

The image must be of the form namespace/repository:[hash_or_tag (default latest)].

The actual request parameters depend on the request type:

  • For PostgREST: /table?[postgrest request] or empty to get the OpenAPI spec for this image. For a reference on how to perform Postgrest requests, see http://postgrest.org/en/latest/api.html.
  • For the Splitfile executor: a JSON array to be POSTed to the executor, e.g. '{"command": "FROM some/repo IMPORT some_table AS alias", "tag": "new_tag"}'.

--curl-args allows to pass extra arguments to curl. Note that every argument must be prefixed with --curl-args, e.g. --curl-args --cacert --curl-args /path/to/ca.pem.


  • --remote TEXT: Name of the remote registry to use.
  • -t, --request-type [postgrest|splitfile]:
  • -c, --curl-args TEXT: Extra arguments to be passed to curl

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