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sgr rebuild

sgr rebuild [OPTIONS] IMAGE_SPEC

Rebuild images against different dependencies.

Examines the provenance of a Splitgraph image created by a Splitfile and reruns it against different images than the ones that were imported by the original run.


sgr rebuild my/repo --against noaa/climate:old_data

Reconstructs the Splitfile used to create my/repo:latest, replaces all imports from noaa/climate with imports from noaa/climate:old_data and reruns the Splitfile.

sgr rebuild my/repo:other_tag -u

Rebuilds my_repo:other_tag against the latest versions of all of its dependencies.

Image caching still works in this case: if the result of the rebuild already exists, the image will be checked out.


  • -u, --update: Rederive the image against the latest version of all dependencies.
  • -a, --against IMAGE: Images to substitute into the reconstructed Splitfile, of the form [NAMESPACE/]REPOSITORY[:HASH_OR_TAG]. Default tag is 'latest'.