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sgr eval


Evaluate a Python snippet using the Splitgraph API.

This is for advanced users only and should be only used if you know what you are doing.

Normal Python statements are supported and the command is evaluated in a namespace where the following is already imported and available:

  • Repository: class that instantiates a Splitgraph repository and makes API functions like .commit(), .checkout() etc available.

  • engine: Current local engine

  • object_manager: an instance of ObjectManager that allows to get information about objects and manage the object cache.


sgr eval 'import json; print(json.dumps(Repository\
    .table_schema))' \
-a repo_name my_repo -a table_name my_table

Will dump the schema of table my_table in the most recent image in my_repo in JSON format.

For more information, see the Splitgraph API reference.


  • --i-know-what-im-doing: Pass this if you're sure that the code you're running is safe and don't want to be prompted.
  • -a, --arg <TEXT TEXT>...: Make extra variables available in the command's namespace

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