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sgr engine add

sgr engine add [OPTIONS] [NAME]

Create and start a Splitgraph engine.

This will pull the Splitgraph engine image, start it, create a Postgres user and initialize the engine.

This also creates Docker volumes required to persist data/metadata.

The engine Docker container by default will be named splitgraph_engine_default and its data and metadata volumes will have names splitgraph_engine_default_data and splitgraph_engine_default_metadata.


  • -i, --image TEXT: Docker image with the Splitgraph engine
  • -p, --port INTEGER: Port to start the engine on
  • -u, --username TEXT:
  • --no-init: Don't run sgr init on the engine
  • --no-sgconfig: Don't add the engine to .sgconfig
  • --inject-source: Inject the current Splitgraph source code into the engine using Docker bind mounts
  • --no-pull: Don't pull the Docker image
  • --set-default: Set the engine as the default engine in the config regardless of its name
  • --cap-add TEXT: Add kernel capabilities to the engine container
  • --password TEXT:

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