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sgr rm


Delete schemas, repositories or images.

If the target of this command is a Postgres schema, this performs DROP SCHEMA CASCADE.

If the target of this command is a Splitgraph repository, this deletes the repository and all of its history.

If the target of this command is an image, this deletes the image and all of its children.

In any case, this command will ask for confirmation of the deletion, unless -y is passed. If -r (--remote), is passed, this will perform deletion on a remote Splitgraph engine (registered in the config) instead, assuming the user has write access to the remote repository.

This does not delete any physical objects that the deleted repository/images depend on: use sgr cleanup to do that.


sgr rm temporary_schema

Deletes temporary_schema from the local engine.

sgr rm --remote data.splitgraph.com username/repo

Deletes username/repo from the Splitgraph registry.

sgr rm -y username/repo:old_branch

Deletes the image pointed to by old_branch as well as all of its children (images created by a commit based on this image), as well as all of the tags that point to now deleted images, without asking for confirmation. Note this will not delete images that import tables from the deleted images via Splitfiles or indeed the physical objects containing the actual tables.


  • -r, --remote []: Perform operation on a different remote engine
  • -y, --yes: Agree to deletion without confirmation

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