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sgr cloud login

sgr cloud login [OPTIONS]

Log into a Splitgraph registry with username/password.

This will generate a new refresh token (to use the Splitgraph query API) and API keys to let sgr access the registry (if they don't already exist in the configuration file or if the actual username has changed).

Note that if you already have generated an API key pair but it's not in the configuration file, this will generate a new pair instead of restoring the existing one, as the API secret is only stored in the configuration file.

If you want to log in using an existing API key pair, use sgr cloud login-api instead.


  • --username TEXT:
  • --password TEXT:
  • --remote TEXT: Name of the remote registry to log into.
  • --overwrite: Overwrite old API keys in the config if they exist
  • -s, --skip-inject: Don't try to copy the config into all engines

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