sgr config

sgr config [OPTIONS]

Print the current Splitgraph configuration.

This takes into account the local config file, the default values and all overrides specified via environment variables.

This command can be used to dump the current Splitgraph configuration into a file:

sgr config --no-shielding --config-format > .sgconfig

...or save a config file overriding an entry:

SG_REPO_LOOKUP=engine1,engine2 sgr config -sc > .sgconfig

If --conn-string is passed, this prints out a libpq connection string that can be used to connect to the default Splitgraph engine with other tools:

pgcli $(sgr config -n)


  • -s, --no-shielding: If set, doesn't replace sensitive values (like passwords) with asterisks
  • -c, --config-format: Output configuration in the Splitgraph config file format
  • -n, --conn-string: Print a libpq connection string to the engine

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