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sgr singer target

sgr singer target [OPTIONS] IMAGE

Singer target that loads data into Splitgraph images.

This will read data from the stdin from a Singer-compatible tap and load it into a Splitgraph image, merging data if the image already exists.

Image must be of the format [NAMESPACE/]REPOSITORY[:HASH_OR_TAG] where HASH_OR_TAG is a tag of an existing image to base the image on. If the repository doesn't exist, it will be created.

As this target consumes data from stdin, it will flush the records into a Splitgraph image. By default, it will only keep the image if the whole stream has been successfully consumed. To make this target completely follow the Singer spec (if it emits state, the records have been flushed), pass --failure=keep-both or --failure=delete-old. To delete the old image on success, pass --delete-old.


  • -d, --delete-old: Delete the old image at the end of ingestion
  • -f, --failure [keep-both|delete-old|delete-new]: What to do in case of a failure.

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