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sgr tag


Manage tags on images.

Depending on the exact invocation, this command can tag a Splitgraph image, list all tags in a repository or delete a tag.


sgr tag noaa/climate

List all tagged images in the noaa/climate repository and their tags.

sgr tag noaa/climate:abcdef1234567890

List all tags assigned to the image noaa/climate:abcdef1234567890...

sgr tag noaa/climate:abcdef1234567890 my_new_tag

Tag the image noaa/climate:abcdef1234567890... with my_new_tag. If the tag already exists, this will overwrite the tag.

sgr tag noaa/climate my_new_tag

Tag the current HEAD of noaa/climate with my_new_tag.

sgr tag --delete noaa/climate:my_new_tag

Delete the tag my_new_tag from noaa/climate.


  • -d, --delete: Delete the tag instead.
  • -r, --remote []: Perform operation on a different remote engine

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