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sgr provenance

sgr provenance [OPTIONS] IMAGE_SPEC

Reconstruct the provenance of an image.

This inspects the image to produce a list of images that were used by the Splitfile that created it, or a Splitfile with the same effect.

IMAGE_SPEC must be of the form [NAMESPACE/]REPOSITORY[:HASH_OR_TAG]. If no tag is specified, latest is used.


Assume my/repo is produced by the following Splitfile:

FROM MOUNT [...] IMPORT external_table
FROM noaa/climate IMPORT {SELECT * FROM rainfall_data WHERE state = 'AZ'} AS rainfall_data

my/repo will have 2 images: one having hash_1 (with the external_table imported from a mounted database) and one having hash_2 (with both external_table and the rainfall_data containing the result of the query run against the then-latest image in the noaa/climate repository).

In this case:

sgr provenance my/repo

Returns a list of repositories and images that were imported by the Splitfile that constructed this image::

my/repo:[hash_2] depends on:

Where hash_3 is the hash of the latest image in the noaa/climate repository at the time the original Splitfile was run. However:

sgr provenance -f my/repo

Will try to reconstruct the Splitfile that can be used to build this image. Since the FROM MOUNT command isn't reproducible (requires access to the original external database, which is a moving target), this will fail.

If -e is passed, this will emit information about irreproducible commands instead of failing.

sgr provenance -ef my/repo

# Splitfile commands used to reconstruct my/repo:[image_hash]
# Irreproducible Splitfile command of type MOUNT
FROM noaa/climate:[hash_3] IMPORT {SELECT * FROM rainfall_data WHERE state = 'AZ'}


  • -f, --full: Recreate the Splitfile used to create this image
  • -e, --ignore-errors: If set, ignore commands that aren't reproducible (like MOUNT or custom commands)