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sgr push


Push images to the Splitgraph registry or another engine.

If an image is not specified (e.g. sgr push noaa/climate, this will push all new images.

By default, the repository will be pushed to a repository with the same name in the user's namespace (SG_NAMESPACE configuration value which defaults to the username).

If there's a single engine registered in the config (e.g. data.splitgraph.com), it shall be the default destination.

If an upstream repository/engine has been configured for this engine with sgr upstream, it will be used instead.

Finally, if remote_repository or --remote are passed, they will take precedence.

The actual objects will be uploaded to S3 using Minio. When pushing to another engine, you can choose to upload them directly by passing --handler DB.


  • -r, --remote []: Name of the remote engine
  • -h, --upload-handler TEXT: Upload handler
  • -o, --upload-handler-options JSON: Upload handler parameters
  • -f, --overwrite-object-meta: Overwrite metadata for existing remote objects
  • -t, --tags: Overwrite tags for pushed image/repo
  • -u, --reupload-objects: Reupload objects that metadata is pushed out for

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