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sgr sql

sgr sql [OPTIONS] SQL

Run an SQL statement against the Splitgraph engine.

There are no restrictions on the contents of the statement: this is the same as running it from any other PostgreSQL client.

If --schema is specified, the statement is run with the search_path set to that schema. This means that these statements are equivalent:

sgr sql "SELECT * FROM "noaa/climate".table"
sgr sql -s noaa/climate "SELECT * FROM table"

If --image is specified, this will run the statement against that image using layered querying. Only read-only statements are supported. For example:

sgr sql -i noaa/climate:latest "SELECT * FROM table"


  • -r, --remote []: Perform operation on a different remote engine
  • -s, --schema TEXT: Run SQL against this schema.
  • -i, --image IMAGE: Run SQL against this image.
  • -a, --show-all: Return all results of the query.
  • -j, --json: Return results as JSON
  • -n, --no-transaction: Don't wrap the SQL in a transaction.

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