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sgr cloud load

sgr cloud load [OPTIONS] [LIMIT_REPOSITORIES]...

Load a Splitgraph catalog from a YAML file.

This will load a splitgraph.yml file and the readmes subdirectory produced by sgr cloud dump back into a remote Splitgraph catalog.

By default, if a repository doesn't yet exist, it will be public. Pass --initial-private to this command to make it start off as private. This won't apply to existing repositories: use the Splitgraph GUI to manage repository access settings.


  • --remote TEXT: Name of the remote registry to use.
  • --readme-dir TEXT: Path to the directory with the README files
  • -p, --initial-private: If the repository doesn't exist, create it as private.
  • -f, --repositories-file PATH:
  • --skip-external: Only set up the metadata, not the external data source settings

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