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sgr import


Import tables into a Splitgraph repository.

Imports a table or a result of a query from a local Splitgraph repository or a Postgres schema into another Splitgraph repository.


sgr import noaa/climate:my_tag climate_data my/repository

Create a new image in my/repository with the climate_data table included. This links the new image to the physical object, meaning that the history of the climate_data table is preserved.

If no tag is specified, the 'latest' (not the HEAD image or current state of the checked out image) image is used.

sgr import noaa/climate:my_tag "SELECT * FROM climate_data" my/repository climate_data

Create a new image in my/repository with the result of the query stored in the climate_data table. This creates a new physical object without any linkage to the original data, so the history of the climate_data table isn't preserved. The SQL query can interact with multiple tables in the source image.

sgr import other_schema other_table my/repository

Since other_schema isn't a Splitgraph repository, this will copy other_schema.other_table into a new Splitgraph object and add the other_table table to a new image in my/repository.

Note that importing doesn't discard or commit pending changes in the target Splitgraph repository: a new image is created with the new table added, the new table is materialized in the repository and the HEAD pointer is moved.

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