sgr build


Build Splitgraph images.

This executes a Splitfile, building a new image or checking it out from cache if the same image had already been built.


sgr build my.splitfile

Executes my.splitfile and writes its output into a new repository with the same name as the Splitfile (my) unless the name is specified in the Splitfile.

sgr build my.splitfile -o mynew/repo

Executes my.splitfile and writes its output into mynew/repo.

sgr build my_other.splitfile -o mynew/otherrepo --args PARAM1 VAL1 --args PARAM2 VAL2

Executes my_other.splitfile with parameters PARAM1 and PARAM2 set to VAL1 and VAL2, respectively.


  • -a, --args <TEXT TEXT>...: Parameters to be substituted into the Splitfile. All parameters mentioned in the file must be specified in order for the Splitfile to be executed.
  • -o, --output-repository REPOSITORY: Repository to store the result in.

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