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sgr cloud sync

sgr cloud sync [OPTIONS] REPOSITORY

Trigger an ingestion job for a repository.

This starts off a load job for an existing/new repository, optionally using a splitgraph.yml file and waiting for the job to complete before exiting.

If the splitgraph.yml file is specified, it will use the settings for that repository from there to override the existing parameters for a repository or to create a new repository. Otherwise, it will use the existing parameters.

By default, if a repository doesn't yet exist, it will be public. Pass --initial-private to this command to make it start off as private. This won't apply to existing repositories: use the Splitgraph GUI to manage repository access settings.


  • --remote TEXT: Name of the remote registry to use.
  • -r, --full-refresh: Trigger a full reload instead of an incremental load
  • -w, --wait: Attach to the job and wait for it to finish
  • -p, --initial-private: If the repository doesn't exist, create it as private.
  • -u, --use-file: Use a YAML file with repository settings
  • -f, --repositories-file PATH:

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