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Splitgraph Cloud

What is "Splitgraph Cloud"?

The sgr command-line client is 'hosting agnostic' and pairs well with your own Splitgraph Engine hosted wherever you prefer to run your apps.

Splitgraph also offers a public-facing Splitgraph service, with a catalog, Splitgraph engine, the DDN, docs, and more.

The catalog is a webapp with its own web UI that makes it easy to graphically manipulate repositories with a browser, perform searches, upload datasets, etc. In cases when it's preferable to use the CLI, consider using sgr cloud.

cloud addAdd a remote Splitgraph registry to .sgconfig with default parameters
cloud registerRegister the user on a Splitgraph registry.
cloud loginLog into a Splitgraph registry with username/password.
cloud login-apiLog into a Splitgraph registry using existing API keys.
cloud tokenOutput an up-to-date access token for a remote.
cloud sqlRun SQL on or connect to the Splitgraph Data Delivery Network.
cloud curlQuery a Splitgraph REST API.
cloud readmeUpload a README to a Splitgraph repository.
cloud descriptionUpload a description to a Splitgraph repository.
cloud metadataUpload a metadata file to a Splitgraph repository.
cloud searchSearch for a repository on the Splitgraph registry.
cloud dumpDump a Splitgraph catalog to a YAML file.
cloud loadLoad a Splitgraph catalog from a YAML file.
cloud syncTrigger an ingestion job for a repository.
cloud statusGet job statuses for given repositories.
cloud logsGet ingestion job logs.
cloud uploadUpload files to Splitgraph.
cloud downloadDownload query results from Splitgraph.
cloud pluginsList all Splitgraph Cloud data plugins.
cloud stubGenerate a splitgraph.yml stub file for a given plugin
cloud validateValidate, merge and output project file(s)
cloud seedGenerate a starter Splitgraph Cloud project from a seed.
cloud tunnelStart tunnel to query a private data source.