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sgr reindex


Run extra indexes on a table. This will merge the indexing results for all objects that a table is formed from with the current object indexes. For explanation of what indexes do, see the documentation for sgr commit.

If the objects haven't been downloaded yet, this will download them.

Currently reindexing objects that change other objects is unsupported and will raise an error. Pass -o to ignore these objects and only reindex supported objects.

Image spec must be of the format [NAMESPACE/]REPOSITORY[:HASH_OR_TAG]. If no tag is specified, HEAD is used.


  • -i, --index-options JSON: JSON dictionary of extra indexes to calculate, e.g. '{"bloom": {"column_1": {"probability": 0.01}}}' [required]
  • -o, --ignore-patch-objects: Ignore objects that change other objects' rows instead of raising an error

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